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If you want to sell your house quickly and get the very best offer for it, look no further!!

Most people will only consider one place to sell their property and that is using an estate agent. What they do not realise, is if you would like a quick sale, estate agents are probably the last place you should consider going.

Apart from all of the hassle of ensuring your property is in the most presentable state for viewings and making sure your house is in good decorative order, estate agents do not price and market properties with YOU in mind. It is their normal practice to inflate a property’s price when it first enters the market, with the hope of selling it for as much as possible. They do that for one reason only – their commission!
Now, when there is little interest from buyers, the agent will slowly drop the price and months will have gone by before there is eventually any interest. Even then, there is no guarantee, that the buyer can is in a position to move. They may need to get finance to buy the house or maybe the buyer is waiting to sell their house first, and that’s you stuck in a chain. This is a problem we see far too often because weeks pass after agreeing a sale before these issues come to light.
If you’re in a situation in which you would need CERTAINTY and need to sell your house fast, then you want to deal with someone who is FLEXIBLE, DEDICATED, EFFICIENT and with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD.
Express Property Sale is an associate of the UK’s largest and longest established investor network – Network Property Buyers who have helped thousands of homeowners like you, achieve a fast sale which is completely free of hassle and drama.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • The highest possible cash offer for a speedy and hassle-free sale.
  • We aim to complete in 28 days so you’ll have cash in your bank.
  • You can save on mortgage payments and estate agent fees.
  • We offer to pay your legal fees of up to £500.
  • Tailored solutions that are flexible to suit your circumstances.
  • If you have little or no equity in your house, we can still help you!
  • 100% confidentiality – Your sale is discreet.
  • A friendly service that keeps you informed throughout.

As an associate of Network Property Buyers, we abide by their ethical guidelines. This includes:

  • Being transparent about our buying process at all times.
  • Giving you the very best solution that creates a win / win situation.
  • Not disguising an offer with costly terms and hidden charges.
  • Not charging you any fees including the valuation.
  • Involving you in every step of the whole process.
  • Completing on the date as agreed.
  • Being flexible to accommodate your needs.

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